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We all need support to be more present, calm, and available in our day. Breema offers practical steps we can take to unify the energies of body, mind, and feelings to be present.

The Art of Being Present can be practiced everywhere, supporting us to bring greater harmony to all our relationships, and to nurture ourselves in the midst of life’s demands. With Breema, the body finds new flexibility, ease, comfort, and vitality. Tension that drains our energy and steals our enthusiasm is replaced by a sense of wholeness and aliveness.


Working with the principles creates a receptive mind, supportive feelings, and a relaxed body.

Whether your Breema Wellness event is an introductory presentation, a 2-hour workshop, a weekly class, or a day-long program, you will leave relaxed and energized, with practical tools and principles you can bring to your work and to your life. Each event is tailored to suit your group, always emphasizing a simple approach to body-mind connection in an atmosphere of nonjudgment and mutual support. Your Wellness program can include body-centered meditation, simple Self-Breema self-care exercises, nurturing (fully clothed) Breema bodywork sessions, mutually supportive partner and group exercises, and discussion of Breema’s nine harmonizing principles and their application in the bodywork, exercises, and daily life.


At the heart of Breema are the Nine Principles of Harmony, which can be applied in any profession and to all our activities.

Please call us at 510-428-1234, or email us at deniseb@breema.com to schedule a wellness day, workshop, or Self-Breema Class for your organization.


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What our clients say:

“Thank you for the exceptional training you offered my peer group. Comments from our group included: ‘You established such a peaceful and respectful setting for our training.’ ‘I noticed how I can use my whole self in everyday life without resistance and struggle.’ ‘I learned how my personal calmness and energy goes out and influences the atmosphere around me.’ ‘I responded to the Nine Principles, not just for work but also in my own life.’ You and your staff were very generous with your time and expertise. I would recommend this training to anyone...”

Dorothy Tarrant, HealthCare Ombudsman Mediator, Kaiser Permanente


“I related most strongly to the principle of Mutual Support. Our teaching staff found it very calming and effective; it allowed us to relax and yet stay focused. We still use the exercises we learned in our workshop.”

Lois Porter, Infant/Toddler Program Director, Aquatic Park School.


“I found the experience put me in a very calm and relaxed state of being. All the tension in my body had gone away. The presenters from the Breema Clinic were professional, soothing, and very approachable. I would highly recommend services offered by the Breema Clinic.”

Erin Brychel, Human Resources and Benefits Health and Welfare Administration, University of California Office of the President.


“This experience is exactly what I wanted for my teachers!”

Susan Stevenson, Director, Aquatic Park School.