We are excited to offer these articles about Breema. The pieces will change every few months, so be sure to check regularly!

True Nourishment is in the Moment (.pdf, 307 KB)
Interview with Katherine Correa
(B.Real Magazine, January/February 2012)

Principles for Presence in Daily Life (.pdf, 1.6 MB)
by Elaine Pendergrast
(B.Real Magazine, January/February 2012)

Being with the Body, We are Supported: Self-Breema (.pdf, 438 KB)
by Elaine Pendergrast
(B.Real Magazine, January/February 2012)

Breema, the Art of Being Present (.pdf, 438 KB)
by David Pratt
(Hands across Ohio, (AMTA Ohio newsletter, February 2012)

Learn Breema, the Art of Being Present (.pdf, 2.4 MB)
by Ann Dorn
(Natural Awakenings Seattle, Sept. 2011)

Breema (.pdf, 713 KB)
by Ginny Prior
(The Montclarion, August 2010)

Results (.pdf, 353KB)
by Victoria Rozycki
(Conscious Dancer Magazine, Summer 2010)

Interview with Dr. Jon Schreiber, D.C. (.pdf, 64 KB)
(East Bay Express, January 20 - 26, 2010)

The Art of Being Present (.pdf, 1.3 MB)
by Suzanne Gerber
(Pilates Style Magazine, January /February 2010)

Practicing Presence Through Breema (.pdf, 1.32 MB)
by Jennifer Derryberry Mann
(Sprituality & Health, January-February 2009)

Practice for living Breema teaches 'Art of Being Present' (.pdf, 1.6 MB)
by Elaine Pendergrast
(Many Hands - New England's Magazine for Holistic Health, September 2008)

Breema: The Art of Being Present (.pdf, 6.7 MB)
by Marcie Romano
The Center Post: Vol 20 Nr.1 Spring 2008

A Simple Practice of Being Present (.pdf, 93 KB)
by Carrie Gray
(Article from Balanced Life Magazine Dec/Jan 2007-8 pp.46-7)

Heaven is in This Moment (.pdf, 194 KB)
by Kate Peros
(Article reprinted from Cape Healing Arts Magazine Summer 2007)

Breema Bodywork: Being Present in the Body (.pdf, 58 KB)
by Mara Bright
(Wisdom Magazine's U.S. National Edition, July 2007)

Breema: New Relationship with Myself (.pdf, 41 KB)
by Carrie Gray
(Awareness Magazine, May/ June 2007)

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Excerpts from recent articles about Breema:

"...Breema finds what's healthiest and most alive in you and nurtures and energizes it more ....Tension and deeply held physical, mental and emotional patterns are released. You open up as your many systems come into balance ...lessening habitual dependence on the unnatural way of moving, thinking, and feeling that deplete your energy, erode your health, and make you tense and out of sync with life."
Laura Rawson, Healthy Living Guide

"Here was a group of people who were there for their own self-understanding, with an interest not only in the health of the physical body, but also in practical support for living daily life in harmony with oneself and one's environment."
Kate Peros, Cape Healing Arts Magazine