About Breema


What Happens in a Breema Session?
You will receive a Breema bodywork session from a Certified Breema Practitioner, who is also an experienced instructor at the Breema Center. Years of clinical experience allow the practitioner to use Breema's rhythmic movements, stretches, leans, and postures to create a deep experience of natural comfort. One typically experiences a profound sense of safety and security. This catalyzes a significant release of acute and chronic tension, and brings a sense of vitality and well-being. Breema is deeply relaxing yet energizing. It is appropriate for people of all ages, because it never uses force. Instead, it relies on a precise attunement of the practitioner and recipient's bodies and the practitioner's ability to use the Nine Principles of Harmony in working with the body's structural, kinetic, and energetic dynamics. Sessions generally include personal instruction in specific Self-Breema exercises, chosen especially for your needs. You will also be shown Self-Breema that provide a simple, joyful way to nurture your body and to reconnect with the atmosphere of harmony you experienced in your Breema session. Practicing your exercises helps increase your vitality, and is one of the best ways of actively supporting your own health and well-being.

Is Any Preparation Necessary to Receive Breema?
Usually, all that is needed is a desire to benefit and a willingness to relax and experience the session. Because Breema bodywork is governed and guided by the Nine Principles of Harmony (Body Comfortable, No Force, Full Participation, Mutual Support, No Judgment, Firmness & Gentleness, No Extra, Single Moment/Single Activity, No Hurry/No Pause), your session is naturally and precisely adapted to your body's current state-structurally, physiologically, and energetically. Therefore, Breema is safe, secure, and nurturing. If you have a question regarding Breema's appropriateness for someone with a particular condition, please call us for more information.

How many sessions do I need?
Breema supports body-mind connection as the foundation of real health. This process begins with the first session. As this new relationship is being established, regular support is needed. In ten sessions there is usually a marked change in one's relationship to their health. Many clients come every week to renew and deepen the essential support for harmony and balanced living that Breema offers.

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